Temporis Watches Target the Youth Market

temporis musical noteMost of the companies in China that make watches are trying to become the next big thing and get the attention of the world by building watches with amazing features, elaborate complications or loads of jewels and diamonds.

That is one possible approach.  Many companies believe that if you want to get the attention of a market that has been collecting wristwatches for more than one hundred years, you need to think big.   That is why so many Chinese watch companies offer at least one watch with a tourbillon.  They want to attract attention and, of course, be able to justify asking higher prices for their watches.

You do not, however, have to build something bigger and better to get the attention of the marketplace.  Yes, you do have to build a good watch, and if it is fairly priced in the marketplace, that is even better.  What you can also do, though, is to build a watch that is simply different from everything else that is out there for sale.

If your product is different enough from everything else, people will notice it, even if it doesn’t have a tourbillon or a minute repeater or 88 diamonds around the bezel.

That is the approach that Temporis watches, based in Hong Kong, is taking.  Right on their Website, it says, “Temporis watches are designed for stylish youngsters.”

Right there, they tell you.  They are looking for the youth market, and they are looking for buyers who are interested in style, or, to put it differently, they are interested in buyers who are interested in how a watch looks.

Yes, they need to make a watch that works and works well, and Temporis watches do that.  Their watches are available in both quartz and mechanical models and from what I can tell, all of the movements used in Temporis watches are Japanese in origin, rather than Chinese.

There are some good Chinese movements, but if you are buying from a Japanese company, such as Miyota, you know that you are getting a time-tested movement that will be accurate and reliable.

After that, you can go on and work on the design, which is where Temporis watches shine.  At the moment, they offer five different collections:

  • Armour Collection – influenced by a heroic armour of the mysterious universe.
  • Sentiment Collection – A love-based collection of colorful watches with an open heart on the face that shows the escapement.
  • Nature Collection – A collection of watches based on the notion of simplicity.
  • Military Collection – Rugged chronographs with tough, all-business looks
  • Musical Note Collection – Fun, whimsical watches with a music theme and Swarovski crystals

Temporis watches are fun and colorful, but also well made.  They have leather bands in a variety of colors, and stainless steel cases.  They have mineral crystal protecting the face and models for men and women.  Best of all is the price – these watches all seem to be priced at less than $200, and some models are even available for under $100.

No, Temporis watches are not going to attract people who might otherwise want to buy a Piaget or a Tissot.  But they very likely will attract people who otherwise might not buy a watch at all.

That is a good thing.